Club Slick is a rock n roll dance event for adults with disabilities that encourages and facilitates appropriate dance etiquette through a structured program with a professional choreographer. It provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to socialise and develop skills, enabling increased participation in community activities.

Club Slick is held monthly on Friday night from 7-10pm at the Burnisde Ballroom, Tusmore. On average, 150-200 people attend Club Slick every month where they have the chance to join in set dance routines as well as free dance with a partner.

Club slick offers a cash bar for monitored drink and snack sales, including alcoholic beverages. There are a number of theme nights each year including Easter and Christmas. Club Slick is facilitated by our Club Slick Coordinator and the Club Slick committee which consists of 30-35 volunteers.

Proudly sponsored by Burnside City Council.

For more information, please phone 8245 4600 or email.

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